Randolph Parking Program

Council approved the Randolph Parking Pilot Program (RPPP) to analyze the parking issues within the City and develop solutions. The pilot program's initial location is North Randolph Street, Northside, from Maywood Avenue to Fishburn Street. North Randolph Street was made into a one way to accommodate angled parking stalls running along the south side of North Randolph Street. The changes made by the City created two hundred five parking stalls, 75 parallel parking stalls on the northside, and 130 angled parking stalls on the southside of North Randolph Street. 

To accommodate the property owners along North Randolph Street, 59 out of the 75 parallel parking stalls will be free for the 59 properties along North Randolph Street. 16 of those 75 parallel parking stalls will be used for paid daily use permits available to all. Only Huntington Park residents can obtain paid permits for the 130 angled parking stalls along North Randolph Street. The Resident's address does not have to be a Randolph Street address to qualify, but it must be within the City limits. 



Free parking permits for property owners along North Randolph Street

Paid parking permits for Huntington Park Residents only

Daily use parking stalls for all


Applicant must be a Huntington Park resident to obtain a parking permit. The applicant must show proof of address by providing the following items:

  1. Current vehicle registration (or if leased, a copy of the lease, or if registering a company vehicle, a letter on company letterhead from the employer confirming the vehicle's license number and the name of the employee applicant). The vehicle must be in the resident's name and registered to the address within the City and show license plate, make, model, and year of vehicle:

  2. Two additional proofs of residency. The following may be used for this purpose:

    1. Driver's license

    2. Property Tax Bill or rental/lease agreement

    3. Utility Bill (Cable TV, Telephone landline only, Gas, Water, or Electric)

How to obtain a permit

City Hall

The applicant must visit Huntington Park's City Hall to submit the Parking Permit Application along with proof of address documentation (see above).


An applicant can submit the Parking Permit Application and proof of address documentation (see above) via email by sending the items to kaguilar@hpca.gov. Make sure to add "Parking Permit Application" in the subject line. 

  1. Once the application is submitted, the City will notify the applicant if the request for a parking permit was denied or approved. 

  2. The applicant will submit an in-person payment once the application is approved.

The application can be obtained by clicking on the below links.

Permit Application

Solicitud de Permiso (Español)

Rules of Conduct


The purpose of the disciplinary system is to ensure all residents support establishing community living standards and good citizenship principles. 


The permit holder shall visibly place the permit at the rear windshield, driver's side, of the vehicles for which it is issued at all times.  


No vehicle for which a permit has been issued shall be parked or left standing upon any street or alley for more than 72 consecutive hours. 


The permittee must register the new vehicle with the City and remove the vehicle no longer in use from the application. 


Resale of parking permits is prohibited. The creation of counterfeit permits is not permitted. Obey all traffic laws (e.g., No trailer homes, expired tags, trash sweeping) and no littering in parking zones. 


Residents are limited to one permit per parking stall. No parking outside the applicant's designated space. 


Violation of the Rules of Conduct shall result in the permit holder's removal from the program and having their permit revoked. Any vehicle parked without a permit or in an undesignated space will be towed at the owner's expense. 

Any questions, please contact Kevin Aguilar at 323-584-6392 or email kaguilar@hpca.gov