Randolph Parking Program

Randolph Parking Fall 2020
Estacionamiento en Randolph Otono 2020

Permit Application

Solicitud de Permiso (Español)

Any questions, please contact Kevin Aguilar 323-584-6392 or email kaguilar@hpca.gov 


Do the applicants who applied back in March have to re-submit an application.  

Yes, we would have to re-submit the application with the items attached via email or in-person. 


Do we re-apply for the angled parking spots only, or do we have to re-apply for the parallel parking spots also?

Yes, we would have to apply for both types of parking permits since we are attaching the vehicle to an up-to-date registration. The applicants can send us the application via email. 


How do we make payments?

The payment will be made at City Hall for the moment. 


Do we receive the decals today?

Yes, the decals have arrived and we can distribute staring today.