Valentin P. Amezquita  
City Council
Title: Council Member
Phone: 323-584-6221

Council Member Valentin Palos Amezquita was born in Mexico (in a ranch near Tepatitlan, in Los Altos de Jalisco). At the age of 5, his family immigrated to the United States for the opportunities this country offered in education and reaching the American Dream. Often times, his parents referred to their newly adopted country as the Promised Land, and indeed it is in many ways.

Early on, Council Member Amezquita's parents would tell their children to make the best of the opportunities this country offered and to achieve more than what they had in their humble jobs and raising a large family.

With strong family values and being well-grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition as an anchor for many generations, Council Member Amezquita was the first to graduate from the university and many of his brothers and cousins followed suit. This was made possible by dedication to academics, discipline and related scholarships. 

Council Member Amezquita is very persistent, serious and curious. He was the kind of kid who would ask a thousand questions about any particular topic; a haphazard answer would only elicit more questions so at some point he started to answer his own questions and become independent and think for himself – a trait that he keeps to this day.

Council Member Amezquita is a long time resident of Huntington Park. He graduated from Huntington Park High School and has been living in Huntington Park continuously for more than 40 years. After graduating from the University of Southern California (USC) one month after turning 22 years of age, he started working for the largest public utility in the country (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, LADWP) in various capacities such as at a power plant, laboratories, etc. At the age of 26, he bought his house, where he lives today.

Subsequently, he was promoted and worked for the Port of Los Angeles as an Environmental Scientist and as Project Manager involved in various capital development and lease renewal projects to handle a myriad of cargo. In 2000, he returned to LADWP working on similar projects but more on utility operations with regard to repowering of certain power plants and related specialized studies. More recently, Council Member Amezquita has been working in environmental engineering projects dealing with energy efficiency, water conservation, and related emerging technologies.

In March 2013, after having run for office several times, Council Member Amezquita was elected to the Huntington Park City Council. He believes that honest and qualified leadership matters and working for the greater good rather than for a few special interests is the way to move the city forward and in the interest of all its residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. He will certainly continue to fight for those values and priorities entrusted to him by the voters. 

Council Member Amezquita believes that in a very competitive world, it is in the best interests not just of the individual and the families but also to their communities and the country as a whole to facilitate achievement. There are geopolitical necessities for having the most prepared population and investment in human capital or at least not being a hindrance to make more dreams a reality and provide the opportunities readily available to make the American Dream attainable and not support interests and bad habits that detract from those priorities of individual success.

Council Member Amezquita has many projects in mind for the city to advocate such as city beautification (street median, individual home frontages, etc.), a large $1+ billion mixed-use economic development project, a new, regional hospital, and a potential source of revenue to the city from another new business operating in the city -- all without raising taxes that would also provide scholarships to every high school graduate going on to college. Other objectives include but are not limited to the following:
     - Transparent city government
     -  Award lowest bid contracts 
     -  Safer neighborhoods
     -  Fix the parking problems
     -  Lower Property taxes for home owners
     -  Quality and more options for shops and restaurants

Council Member Amezquita is active in community activities such as the local YMCA and the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Park.  His hobbies include reading on various subjects (literature, science, current events, art, etc.), sports, and traveling. His career, and hard work have provided him the opportunity to visit Europe several times (from Portugal to England and Russia and Croatia and every country in between), including the Middle East, of course various states in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, and China.




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